The best cheap food processor reviews in 2016


Welcome to our site! Here we review the best value food processors in 2016 up for grabs in order to find you the greatest products for cheap. They’re a great part of any modern day kitchen and are extremely useful when it comes to cooking homemade meals. Cooking becomes rapid and almost effortless with a great budget food processor in your home and they’re especially useful when it comes to creating meals for 2 or more people.


If you’re on a mobile phone, feel free to skip this article and scroll to the bottom of this page to see our recommended cheap food processors. Please visit a category page above or continue reading below. If you’re in a rush, our quick breakdown of the best budget food processor from some of our categories is at the bottom of this article.


You can also view the buying guide section below if you aren’t sure what it is that makes an inexpensive food processor good value for money. We’ve found that out of the appliances we’ve examined the greatest can be picked up at affordable prices. After putting hours of research into finding fantastic products for each price range, we’ve decided to break down each one with the most important points to know. Hopefully we’ll help you find the one most suitable for your needs.


The best budget food processor at a glance


To the right or bottom of this page you’ll see our recommended items picked out from across our site with links to the product page. Here’s a quick breakdown if you don’t have time to visit our other posts.


Cuisinart DLC-10S Pro Classic(click to see reviews)


Priced affordably at around $120 this is an absolute bargain. The motor is 600 watts and the feed tube is wide. This great value food processor has a pulse feature, a slicing disc, a shredding disc and a stainless steel chopping blade with the ability to process 7 cups worth of food like salad, meat and many more types of ingredients. Designed with the potential dangers of BPA in mind, it’s free from BPA and also has a very long warranty for the entire unit. You have the option to buy it for cheap now with the link above on the right, or can continue reading.


Braun FP3020 Kitchen Machine(click to see reviews)


Priced less than $200 with a wide feed tube, 12 cup capacity and 900 powerful watts this is also a bargain. There are 15 speed settings (yeah, FIFTEEN!) with a pulse setting and a vast number of attachments. It consumes low energy and is quieter than expected for being so powerful. An additional chopper is thrown in to chop food like tomatos and carrots to make salad easilly. Also BPA free and with leak protection, this is a great deal and brilliant value. Available to buy now with the link above.


Hotpoint multifunctional – UK brand


This has a very affordable price tag at less than £100 when you consider it has 1000 watts of power and a 2.6 liter bowl. It’s made for chopping, slicing, grating, shredding, mixing, slicing, kneading, and blending. This means it can be used for pretty much anything from salad to baking dough and making ice cream.


An extra mixing bowl and blender jug is included too so you can crush ice and make smoothies from foods like strawberries, bananas and blueberries. This is incredible value for such a price. The speed settings are fully customizable and the parts can be stored inside the item. No doubt it’s a very good buy. 


We review only those that offer the greatest features and have 7 cup capacities or more, as we feel that this is the typical size that the average cook will want to go for. If you’re cooking for just yourself this will be excessive and so you might want to consider getting a smaller one. We will be reviewing smaller sized products in the future so keep an eye out!


Typical expenditure ranges from $90 to $300 for a cheap one bought for a typical home kitchen and upwards of $450 or more for one designed for big scale use. We recommend setting aside around $150 to get the most quality in relation to an affordable price if you’re a home user and upwards of $500 if you’re a heavier user.


Of course this is up to you, and we have displayed the best budget food processors in 2016 at lower and higher prices than this so that you can make your own informed decision based on your individual preferences. They’re useful for all kinds of food including hummus, nut butter, pesto, almond butter, desserts, salso, pureering and grating cheese. Whether vegan, vegetarian or a meat eater there is a great food processor out there for you.


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Before choosing, here’s a buying guide outlining what makes a great inexpensive food processor


We’ll keep this buying guide short and sweet so you can find the greatest for your needs. After that, you can go ahead and take a look at the categories to see our latest breakdowns of these food processors in the US or the UK and get an idea of which you might want to buy online.



The more Watts one has, the faster and better its ability to grind, slice, chop, blend, mix and grate your food. Simple.

You want one with at least 500 Watts to avoid busting the motor over time when using it for harsh foods. Anything over this is pretty much guaranteed to easily go through whatever you need for a long span of time. The majority of our reviewed items will include those with 500 watts and above for this reason.

Of course, if you’re intending to only use the processor for light foods or sparingly then a lower powered one is fine. We recommend you stay above 300 Watts though to be safe.



A good product should have a ‘pulse’ feature to give you complete control of the processing. Multiple speed settings are also a great addition in order to gain optimal control over the type of job you are doing.

Touch pad controls aren’t essential, but they’re definitely a bonus as you won’t have to clean out all the food that accumulates in the cracks (which is insanely annoying).



A great value kitchen appliance will come with a variety of accessories to do many types of jobs. Typically this will be a combination of the following:

  • A disk used for shredding and slicing
  • A blade used for grating
  • A knife used for chopping



People often wonder what size will be optimal for them. The capacity of the full size product you want will depend on how many people you want to prepare meals for. It’s typically measured in either cups or litres.

To give you an idea of what capacity you might want: An 7 / 8 cup (2 litre) capacity is commonly bought and should be enough for the average person’s needs (it’s enough to feed a family of 4).


A wide feed tube

The tube used to place ingredients into the processor before or during processing should be wide enough to allow foods to go in whole so you that won’t need to chop them up first.


BPA free

BPA is the industrial chemical bisphenol that often comes with plastics in products. There has been some speculation that this might cause negative health effects in people because this has been shown in some animal studies. However, this has not yet been accepted as truth and other studies (see below) conclude that the low levels found in typical products pose no noteworthy harm to humans. 

Studies on BPA:



That being said, BPA free food processors are a nice addition to have anyway just for the added peace of mind. 


Dishwasher friendly

Dishwasher friendly bowls & accessories are a bonus when considering which electric cheap food processor is the best to buy. Polycarbonate bowls are long-lasting and easy to clean, so it’s worth keeping an eye out that the appliance you’re looking for includes one (they most often will).



It’s a good idea to make sure one either comes with at least a year’s warranty or has an option to extend the warranty for a little extra money, just for extra value to prepare for a replacement if one is ever needed.


Now what?

Now that you’ve got some insight with this food processor buying guide, you’re ready to choose which is best for your needs! Have a look at a category that appeals to you to see up to date breakdowns of the best cheap food processors in 2016. There we’ll show you the greatest food processor there is for your specific needs.