The best compact food processors below £100


Food processors are a magnificent addition to the kitchen. Not many cooking tools out there come close to the amount of different uses that one provides. We’ve thoroughly researched and reviewed the best compact food processors on the UK market today that cost under £100. They’re well worth getting for the amount of time and trouble they save, especially considering that some of the best can be bought in the UK for less than £100. Let’s cut to the chase.


Our recommendation for a great compact food processor under £100


Philips HR7761/01 3-in-1


best small food processor

The good


  • The motor is powerful at 750 watts.
  • The 2.1 L bowl capacity (1.5L working capacity) is decent for its price.
  • Has enough accessories to perform 28 functions.
  • The accessories are dishwasher safe.
  • Features 3 settings; low, high and pulse.
  • Comes with an extra grinding mill attachment and a blender jug.


  • It’s stable while in use.
  • All products from Phillips come with 24 month warranty.


The bad


  •  Doesn’t have a built in storage feature for the accessories.


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The runners up


Hotpoint Multi-Functional

tidy and compact


The good


  • At 1000 watts this is one of the most powerful available under £100.
  • This also has one of the biggest bowls available for under £100, which is 2.6L.
  • Suitable for chopping, slicing, mixing, grating, kneading, shredding and blending.
  • The anti-slip feet keep the unit stable while in use.


  • It comes with an added blender jug and mixing bowl making it multi-purpose.
  • This has an in-unit storage capability for use with all of the parts, keeping everything compact and tidy.
  • Features a pulse setting along with fully customizable speed settings from minimum to maximum (instead of the usual 2 settings).
  • It’s a lot less noisy while in use in comparison to others at this budget.


  • It has a wide feeding tube allowing for large food to be placed inside.
  • It’s dishwasher friendly.
  • The look is nice and modern.
  • Comes with a long 3 year warranty.
  • Our personal pick.


The not so good


  • The written instructions are not the clearest and may take a while to grasp.


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tidy and neat


The good


  • It’s the biggest and most powerful at this price range at 1000 watts and with a 3L bowl size.
  • Has 2 speed settings plus a pulse feature for extra control.
  • The feet are non slip to keep the processor in place while in use.


  • All of the parts are safe to use in the dishwasher.
  • Has a variety of parts including a steel knife blade, a slicing and grating disc, a dough tool and a geared whisk.
  • It comes with an extra 1.5L blender jug.


  • A cord storage feature is available to keep everything compact and tidy.
  • Comes with 12 months warranty to replace any broken parts in this time frame.
  • This comes from a trustworthy brand.


The not so good


  • Does not include built in part storage, only a cord storage function so you will need somewhere designated for storing the parts.


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We’ve reviewed an upgraded version of our recommended pick under £100 below, which is also a great compact food processor just in case you like it better and don’t mind spending an extra £25.


Philips HR7762/91 Compact 3-in-1


best mini food processor


The good


  • Has a very powerful 750 Watt motor.
  • Has enough accessories to perform 28 functions.
  • Contains a large 2.1 litre bowl.


  • The modern design ensures leak protection.
  • Comes with an additional blender and grinding mill.
  • The large feeding tube is useful.


  • Features 2 speed settings + a  pulse setting.
  • It has a stylish modern look to enhance the look of your kitchen.
  • Includes a storage box to pack away all accessories that would otherwise clutter up the kitchen, keeping everything tidy.


  • Dishwasher friendly accessories are included.
  • All Phillips appliances come with 2 year warranty.


The bad


  • One customer review states that it couldn’t handle harsh foods. However, when considering the majority of the other customer reviews and the high powered 750 watt motor this could be down to a faulty purchase. This might be worth keeping in mind though if you’re going to be using it for very harsh raw foods just to be safe.



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Our pick as the top compact product


We’ve decided that the Philips HR7761 food processor is the greatest in the United Kingdom under £100. The features are outstanding and are what you would expect from a product priced well over £100. The huge motor, massive bowl, extra mixer bowl, extra blender jug, storage feature and the bonus of the modern look make this well worth the money.


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