The best baby food processor reviews


Pre-made baby food products can be a worry for parents. They could contain many unknown chemicals, preservatives and ingredients that may not be optimal for feeding a child. The best food processors allow parents to make normal ingredients suitable for babies to eat with full control of what it’s made of. We’ve written baby food processor reviews so more parents can make the responsible decision to buy a great one.


If you do currently use pre-made products, your baby will soon enough move onto proper meals anyway. It’ll then be time to introduce them to healthy meals that include fruit and vegetables which will need to be processed to help them eat. Here’s what to look out for in the best food processors for babies before you make a decision based on our reviews.


What to look for


  • You’ll want a meal processor that can easily and thoroughly puree home-made ingredients with no toxic materials so that your baby can eat safely.


  • You’ll want one that is capable of slicing ingredients down to a fine texture so that it’s edible for babies or young children. All of the items outlined in our meal processor reviews have this capacity.


  • It should have the ability to produce multiple batches at once. You can then freeze and use them at another time instead of doing many single processing jobs if you wish.


Note: Please be sure to leave the lid open to air dry after each use of those that have water / steam reservoirs. This is in order to keep everything healthy for your baby and free from mold. The top two around today are highlighted in the baby food maker reviews below.


BEABA Babycook Pro


kid children toddlerRight of the bat and perhaps most importantly, this is made from safe material that contains no harmful lead, BPA or phthalate. This brand created the first ever food processor for babies and so is a reliable and trustworthy brand.


17 or more batches can be made at one time in less than 15 minutes with the almost 5 cup capacity. You can use the defrost feature to defrost any batches previously made. It has the added ability to blend and reheat. A steamer is also built-in allowing food to be steamed which preserves vitamins and minerals otherwise lost.


A multi-purpose mixing blade is included in order to provide the optimal texture of meals for children and there as an alert system to tell you when meals are completed. One great function is that it can be operated with just one hand which could come into good use when carrying your baby.


These sell fast to moms all over, so if this color is sold out it’s worth trying other colors to see if the food processor is still in stock.


Find out the price, user reviews and see more information by clicking here


Philips AVENT SCF870/21


newborn infant mealThis is very simple to use by simply flipping over the top to switch between the steaming and blending features. It’s powerful enough to blend all types of different food like hard apples and meat.


It’s small and compact so won’t take up much space and it’s very easy to clean with minimal parts. The design material is BPA free for added safety. Another plus is that a pulse feature is available to control the extent of how much the ingredients is sliced. A measuring cup, spatula and a recipe booklet which tells you how much time is required for certain ingredients is also gained with this purchase.


This is a UK company so you will need a US adaptor to plug it into your socket.


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Hopefully we’ve helped you picked the best one for your baby with these reviews. If not and you instead want one that’s designed for family use and not specifically aimed at kids please look around our website categories for more. You could start at our under $200 page.