Best Kenwood food processor reviews – under £150


Kenwood are without a doubt one of the leading and most trusted creators of kitchen appliances in the UK, food processors included. It’s our goal to highlight the greatest around with our best kenwood food processor reviews below. These are known to be amazing machines and last a long while, but as with any brand there are above average and below average products.


Kenwood offer certain unique features with their food processors and blenders such as thermal resistant glass or built-in scales. Features like these really set them apart from other UK brands. We’ll compare 3 of the best kenwood food processors in the UK so that you are able to make an informed decision on a great purchase. They will be priced under £150 to ensure great efficiency while still being priced low enough to afford.



Kenwood FDM790 Review – Multi-Pro Classic


kenwood chef machine

The good


This has eight variable speed settings plus a pulse setting available which is fantastic and allows for brilliant control over each job.  An extra blender is included which has extremely tough glass and is thermal resistant meaning that hot and frozen ingredients can be added without damaging the glass. The blender is a generous 1.5 litres and the main bowl has a 3 litre capacity which is extremely big for this price.


One unique feature of this UK food processor is the built in weighing scales that allow users to see the weight of the ingredients as they are added so that they do not have to be weighed beforehand which saves extra effort and time. This purchase also includes a weighing tray just in case you wish to weigh ingredients independently.


The motor is 1000 Watts so is certain to process anything you could need to be processed with ease. Such a huge motor is rare at this price range. The parts can be placed into a dishwasher for easy and effortless cleaning. It’s designed to serve four or more people with family sized meals and includes an extra mini bowl for the times you wish to serve less people. The tools that this purchase includes are a serrated steel knife blade, a reversible slicing and grating disk which are 2 mm and 4 mm, a dough tool and a dual metal whisk.


The bad


Unfortunately a storage box or case is not included to store the attachments inside.


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Food processor and blender combo – Kenwood FDP613 review

food processor and blender combo kenwood


The good


The FDP613 is great for preparing vegetables, salads, soups, sauces, dips, stir fries and many more with its powerful 1000 Watt motor. Also with a 3 litre capacity bowl, it’s large enough to meet the average family’s requirements. The fact that the parts are dishwasher friendly comes in very handy as does the pulse feature. The cord storage feature is great to store any wires that you do not want to see.


The FDP613 is certainly a very reliable purchase as it has been bought and reviewed by many cooks. A mini bowl and a 1.5 L blender is also included along with a geared whisk, a dough tool, a slicing and grating disk and a steel knife blade. With such a large number of extra items included, this is a great buy in the UK at the current price.


The bad


Unlike the other UK models, the blender is not thermal resistant. This means liquids should be near room temperature before use if you decide to go for this model.


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FDM781 Multi-Pro Classic review


the best kenwood meal maker

The good


This has a massive 1000 Watt motor, comparably the same as the other two reviewed which will reliably plough through anything throw at it. The three litre capacity of this item allows for big jobs for multiple people. An additional mini bowl with serrated blades is also included for smaller jobs. With so many additional items the price is much lower than expected.


The tools you gain with this are as follows: a dual metal whisk, a dough tool, reversible slicing and grating discs measuring 2 mm and 4 mm and a serrated steel knife blade. It’s also an energy-efficient model with a great number of speed settings and a pulse control so that you can use it manually when required.


An additional glass blender is included which is resistant to hot and cold temperatures that could otherwise damage lesser blenders, and the glass ensures that staining and scratching is less likely.


The bad


The glass jug can be tough to dismantle for cleaning in some cases as the seal is very tight to make sure that it doesn’t leak. This can still be washed with the base attached if it’s too hard for you.


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Our recommendation as the best reviewed here is the FDM790 model due to its huge power, big capacity, vast settings, modern design, unique weighing and thermal resistant features and great user feedback.


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