Kitchenaid food processors reviewed under $300


Kitchenaid is a respected brand with a high reputation when it comes to producing quality products, so it’s easy to see why we chose to create Kitchenaid food processor reviews of the best around in 2016. We’ve compared the best 7 cup and 14 cup models available which have the greatest features compared to their prices.


Greatest Kitchenaid under $150


KFP0722ER 7-Cup with Exact Slice System

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This model has a large 2 in 1 feed tube that allows large whole foods to be placed inside without having to cut them up first. Pulse, high and low settings are available and it does a good job at processing food quietly. The KFP0722ER has an efficient seal system in place to prevent leaks from occurring. The slicing thickness can be adjusted externally which is an amazing, unique feature and allows you to change the blade thickness without removing them.


The 7 cup capacity should be enough for the average person. 7 cups should be enough to feed 2 people or more. The tools included are a reversible shredding disc, an adjustable slicing disc and a multi-purpose blade so many different jobs can be achieved. You get a year hassle free warranty in the event that something breaks which is great to have. Finally, the Kitchenaid KFP0722ER is one of the best looking processors we’ve reviewed and is currently reduced.




A dough hook is not included with the purchase although Kitchenaid may sell one separately if needed. The motor is 320 watts which is just enough for effective processing, but higher would be better.


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Greatest under $300


KFP1466WH 14-Cup with Exact Slice System and Dicing Kit

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This comes with a professional style dicing kit. It also includes an external adjustable slicing lever which allows you to alter the blade thickness effortlessly. A 2 in 1 feed tube is included which is wide enough for most typical foods to be placed inside whole. The brilliance of the food processor is the fact that it includes a giant 14 cup work bowl (this is the size you would expect from a professional processor) and an extra 4 cup mini bowl for use with smaller jobs. There is a tight seal in place to prevent any leakage.


The pulse, high and low speed options allow for precise control easily with waterproof buttons. The blades you get with the purchase include an adjustable slicing disc, a multi-purpose blade, a separate multi-purpose blade for the 4 cup work bowl, a dough blade, a reversible shredding disc, and a dicing kit. As you can see, these are a great variety of tools to have to prepare foods in all different types of ways. A clean out tool is also included, along with a storage case for all parts. The one year warranty is hassle free and gives peace of mind to the buyer. It’s currently selling for a great price.




It’s a big product, so will take up a big chunk of space in the kitchen.


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So there you have it. After looking through all of the Kitchenaid appliances, we found that these are the best they have to offer. Hopefully our kitchenaid reviews gave you insight on which one you would like to own. Whether you want to go with the cheaper option or the more expensive will depend on your own individual usage, spending allowances and tastes, but both will be brilliant items to have for your home.


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