The best industrial food processor reviews


Commercial grade food processors are often used for industry or professional use in order to speed up the food service process dramatically. Tasks can be run smoother and much more productively with a large one, making businesses like restaurants thrive easier. We’ve found and reviewed the best industrial food processors for sale that offer the best features and efficiency in relation to their price. Outstanding industrial food processing equipment can be bought for under $1000 and we feel that anything over this is excessive. 


They are for professional use in places like restaurants so aren’t cheap, meaning you can expect a number of improvements and extended features over the more average consumer types. At this price range there are a number of things to look out for to ensure you the gain best large food processor for a commercial restaurant or similar business.


  • You’ll need a 1 horsepower or greater motor for a commercial grade processor.
  • You’ll want long term durability and an ability to handle many tough jobs with negligible wear and tear.
  • A long warranty is necessary as the meal processor is not expendable.
  • The capacity should be 12 cups or above to process large amounts at once for industrial use. All the professional meal processors recommended here in our reviews are 12 cups or greater in capacity.
  • Professional appliances should be ETL or NSF certified to ensure suitability for commercial grade food processing. You can see more on ETL here:


Waring – WFP16SCD Continuous Feed Dicing with LiquiLock Seal System

continuous feed

The good


  • It has an extremely powerful 2 horsepower motor.
  • The work bowl is a massive 4 quarts in capacity (19 cups) to allow huge batches at a time.
  • It features a leak proof seal system so no fluids can leak out during processing or when the bowl is removed.
  • It has a continuous feed professional food processing capability with a wide feed chute.
  • Dices, slices and shreds to perfection with the option for manual adjustments.


  • It features 20 processing options.
  • The heavy duty blades include an S-blade, an adjustable slicing disc, a sealed whipping disc, a reversible shredding sic and a dicing assembly.
  • A pulse feature is included and the buttons are waterproof.
  • It’s made with sturdy, long lasting die-casting.
  • It has the ETL sanitation mark which states that the equipment if fit for use in the commercial production of meals.
  • Waring has the best warranty in the industry, with limited 5 years motor warranty and 2 years for all parts and labor.


The bad


  • The instructions are unclear to some and do not include pictures, so it might take a while to get your head around it if you aren’t good with instructions.


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Waring industrial food processor review – WFP14S Batch Bowl with LiquiLock Seal System


waring food processor review


The good


  • The 1 horsepower motor is sure to give top performance.
  • It comes with a large 3.5 quart work bowl capacity (equivalent to 16 cups) which is huge and labeled as ‘unbreakable’.
  • It comes with a ‘liquilock’ system which seals the bowl completely to ensure no liquids leak out of the product.
  • It’s capable of slicing, grating, whipping, shredding, chopping, puréeing and many more, reaching over 20 processing types.


  • The feed chute is massive so you know ingredients can go inside whole without the need to do anything to it before hand.
  • It has the ETL sanitation mark so is suitable for use in the industrial food production.
  • It includes an adjustable slicing disk, a sealed whipping disk, a sealed S blade, a reversible shredding disc and a 4/64 inch grating disc. These are all heavy duty and extremely sharp for effective processing. 


  • Waring has fantastic warranty that comes with this item at 5 years limited motor warranty as well as 2 years labor warranty and 2 years parts warranty.


The bad


  • It doesn’t have a continuous feed function which you may desire for such a product.


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Robot Coupe R 2 N Continuous Feed


best food processor for restaurantThe good


  • This is a premium professional item and is extremely reliable.
  • This is also a large capacity food processor with a 3 quart (12 cups) work capacity and a 1 horsepower motor.
  • It features an ‘S’ shaped chopping blade, a 2mm grating disc and a 4mm slicing disc.


  • It’s quiet while in use compared to others at this range.
  • Features a continuous feeding capability.
  • It has a pulse feature and is NSF certified.
  • It’s rated highly by long-term users.


The bad


  • It isn’t built for bread. It will bring dough together into a ball, but you will have to do the kneading yourself if you need to in your industry as it doesn’t come with a kneading attachment.


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Hopefully you managed to make a decision on which large industrial food processor to get. These 3 outlined in our idustrial reviews are the greatest you’ll be able to find online. They have great returns policies and are likely to last a long time for your business. They’re such a great tool for any kitchen that requires a lot of cooking. If you’re looking for a top quality consumer grade one instead, click here.